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    All praises and adoration belong to Almighty Allah, the creator of creatures, the Lord of the whole world. May His blessings and mercies be upon the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, companions, and the generality of those who hold the banner of Islam tenaciously till the day of mutual loss and gain. Amin. We continue to thank and appreciate you for entrusting your child/ward’s wholesome development to us as we remain partners committed to human development. We equally appreciate your efforts and prompt support in the payment of school fees. To God be the glory as the 2nd term finally comes to an end today, the 5th of April, 2024. The Second term of the 2023/2024 academic session has ended on a great note of academic, moral, and spiritual excellence and the Third Term of the 2023/2024 academic session will commence on Monday, 29th April, 2024. Hence, the call for you to note the following:

    1.0 ADMINISTRATION: The management of the school has ensured that all teachers are conversant with the ever-evolving teaching methods through training and supervision. This is to maintain the high academic standards that we are known for. The teachers have remained committed to their work as teaching and learning conditions are still being improved by the management. No stone was left unturned to ensure the quality of academic standards. Our school facilities were also upgraded to meet up with the requirement of the 21st-century School.

    2.0 ACADEMICS AFFAIRS: This term witnessed various forms of competitions in the three domains of education (Cognitive- Quiz, Class activities, Psychomotor- Sporting, and Affective- public speaking, Debate etc.). The welfare of learners was a major focus of this term as teaching and learning were conducted in a serene learning environment with particular attention given to the different needs of the learners. The result has been quite encouraging. Besides the foregoing, the school ensured an improved learning environment, while the students were exposed to different methodologies suitable for their individual learning. The school has also ensured that the environment is safe and conducive to learning. For us, every child is important and has a right to learn new things on a daily basis, this is why we use the KAGAN teaching method in class as it enables our learners to learn in a cooperative manner and helps us to have an academic need of every child attended to.

    3.0 EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: In the course of the term, we had a nice time carrying out extra-curricular activities, particularly during the preparation for our Inter-club exhibition Competition. Furthermore, some of our exceptional students represented the school well in an external Inter-House Sports Competition. We also had our class quizzes/ debates classes which all made the term worthwhile. We hope to do more in the coming term.

    4.0 PUNCTUALITY TO SCHOOL: Punctuality is the Soul of business. This is to remind our esteemed parents that resumption to school remains 7:40 am Monday – Friday. The school frowns at lateness as it is compulsory for all scholars to participate in the morning assembly and surrogate exercise which begins at 7:45 am.

    5.0 ASP (STUDENT ACADEMIC SUPPORT PROGRAM): We remain committed to supporting our students in their academics. This, we do plan through ASP Morning Drills. This will be in form of a morning class that will be held for students in need of extra tutoring in Mathematics and English Language before the commencement of normal lessons for the day. This will be organized to improve the upcoming learners to enable them to understand better what has been previously taught.

    6.0 SURROGACY SESSIONS: The school places a high premium on mentorship sessions which will be held twice weekly. We will be using these periods to correct undesirable behaviors in our scholars while imparting them corrective instructions with the aim of bringing them to the path of rectitude. Every student is expected to be punctual for this program and Parents are advised to complement the School’s efforts by inspecting their notes regularly.

    7.0 EXTERNAL EXAMINATION REGISTRATION: The school has registered its students for the year 2024 external examination (WAEC, UTME, NECO, BECE). We use this medium to advise our parents whose children are in these classes to encourage them to study very hard for these exams for optimal performance. We have adequately prepared them; revisions are still going on through WhatsApp and Google meet App. With your prayers, we are trusting and believing in God for a better outcome this year.

    8.0 SECURITY CONSCIOUSNESS: The school places premium importance on the safety of students and staff members, therefore putting up some stringent measures to ensure this is achieved to the satisfaction of parents and other stakeholders. While the school plays its part, Parents should also be security conscious at all times. If you are not able to bring your ward(s) to school in person, please ensure he or she comes in the company of fellow students. Parents should be very careful about their choice of transportation and ensure the driver or rider is trustworthy. Always remember that kidnapping has become a lucrative business in our present world. May the protection of God continually be on you and your lots.

    9.0 AFTER-SCHOOL/EXTENSION CLASSES: The extension classes as usual were arranged to hold from Monday – Saturday for the SS3 Students, while the JSS3 Students were fully engaged from Monday to Friday for the extension classes. Mock examinations were also conducted for the learners to ascertain their level of preparedness for external examinations. The essence of doing this is to fully prepare them to get the best grades in their Junior and Senior External Examinations respectively.

    10.0 SOCIALS: In an effort to give our learners a balanced education and development, the school emphasizes the psychomotor development:
    10.1 Haflah Celebration: This is to inform our esteemed parents that the” Haflah” scheduled to be held for the last term could not come up due to unforeseen circumstances. In lure of this, the school management has decided to call a meeting with the concerned parents to decide on the new date. Please bear with us, all inconvenience is highly regretted.
    10.2 The Annual Prize Giving Ceremony: The school is preparing for this year’s Prize Giving Day where the graduands shall be celebrated. Also, other students shall showcase their talents on that day.
    10.3 Anti-Bullying Week: We plan to have anti-bullying week which will be held on weekly basis and it will be well-anchored by the school. The objectives will be quite clear; to drum the unequivocal stance of the school further into the consciousness of the students.

    11.0 DISCIPLINE: Learning is incomplete without discipline, this is why we continue to instill discipline in our students, thereby tackling all cases of indiscipline impartially. For us, it does not matter the level of indiscipline; it must be confronted completely with commensurate measures.
    11.1 Combating Bullying: In our efforts to curb reports of bullying in the school, we now have a bully alert feature available to all teachers to immediately alert the management about any case of bullying in the school. This is in a bid to encourage cordial relationships among students. Students found wanting will be made to face the consequences of their actions, which may include suspension from school.
    11.2 Making students accountable for their wrongdoings: Students who break school rules now write statements that are filed for future reference. Some defaulting students are also asked to take part in community service as a way of teaching them to do the right thing at all times.

    12.0 END-OF-TERM PACKAGE: The envelope given to every scholar contains the following: (i). Exam scripts (ii) Assignments/ Projects (check their WhatsApp platform) (iii) School Bill

    13.0 ADMISSION IN PROGRESS: Admission into all classes is on. The entrance examination comes up every 3rd Saturday of the month. The dates are as follows:
    1ST BATCH – 4th May, 2024
    2ND BATCH – 8th June, 2024
    3RD BATCH – 27th July, 2024
    4TH BATCH – 31st August, 2024

    14.0 NOTE TO PARENTS: Parents should please help their ward(s) to reduce or discontinue cartoon watching when school is in session. The same applies to languages used at home because children learn from their environs, that is, what they see and hear. We have noticed some vulgar words used by some scholars among their peers and violent behaviors. We also advise our esteemed parents to watch with keen interest the kind of friends their child(ren) keeps and places they go to as kidnapping is on the increase. We appeal to parents to adhere to the directives from our security men while dropping off and picking up the children so as not to obstruct movement in and out of the School. In order to avoid misplaced books, parents are encouraged to always monitor books brought home by their ward(s) and also ensure the complete return of these books to school. Parents are encouraged to always make effort to give their children food as they come to school or make proper arrangements for kitchen services. We strongly advise our parents to always create and spend time with their children as they need parental guidance, company, and warmth/friendship.

    15.0 ONLINE ACADEMIC RESULT CHECKER: Parents are requested to check their child’s result online using the child’s name and surname (i.e., the username and password). Please, visit the school’s website www.calculusschools.com/school for the link to access the result on Friday 12th April, 2024, from 12.00pm. In case of any difficulty in checking your child’s result, please contact our ICT personnel: Mr. Muhammad – 09083356758, Mr. Shola – 08107429145 and Director – 08063356544

    16.0 SCHOOL FEES: The bill (s) for school fees for the Third Term 2023/2024 academic session is attached to this newsletter. You are implored to pay the full school fee during the holiday as any child who happens not to have paid on or before the day of resumption may not be allowed into the school premises. Please note that all payments should be made into the school bank Account:
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2031930897
    ACCOUNT NAME: Calculus Educational Ventures

    Anyone who makes payment(s) by cash does that at his/her own risk, as the school is no longer accepting cash payments. You can only come with your evidence of payment.

    17.0 UNIFORM/DRESS’ CODE: All students must always dress neatly in their school uniforms with a pair of blue socks and black shoes to match. Students with tattered uniforms are advised to pay the sum of N8000.00 for Primary, N10,000.00 for Junior Secondary Boys and Girls, as well as Senior secondary girls, and N15,000.00 for Senior Secondary Male students, otherwise, such students will not be allowed into the school premises. The charge for Jumat wear is N8,000.00 for Primary School while N10,000 for Secondary School.

    18.0 IMPROVEMENT: We appreciate all your commendations, complaints, comments and observations in the course of this session. We assure you that come next term, attention will be paid to all identified lapses in order to continuously improve the quality of our services to our esteemed parents.

    19.0 FORTHCOMING ACTIVITIES: The following activities amongst others are being planned for the next session:
    i. Science Exhibition
    ii. Interschool Competitions
    iii. Foreign Competitions
    iv. Value Based Education
    v. International Field Trip/exchange programme.
    vi. Affiliation to more schools for increasing the chances of better scholarships for graduating students.

    20.0 CONCLUSION: We appreciate your patronage, support and partnership. For more information, reach out to the following numbers:
    Director: 08063356544
    Bursar: 07083952472
    Headmistress: 08176083058
    Accountants: 08065731239

    Please check our website @ www.calculusschools.com for more news update.

    May Almighty Allah grant our heart desires and enrich us in achieving all moral, spiritual, and academic goals, Allahuma Amin.
    The next term begins on Monday, 29th April, 2024. If there are any changes, we shall communicate with you. Thanks for choosing Calculus Schools we love you and wish to continue our partnership with you.

    Ogunleye O. S.

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