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    Famous 21st Century Personalities in Conversation

    Famous 21st Century Personalities in Conversation

    Person 1 Person 2

    Person 1: Hey, have you ever had to deal with real legal matters?

    Person 2: Yes, I have. It can be quite tricky to navigate. Do you know the IATA rules for delayed baggage?

    Person 1: No, I’m not familiar with those. I’ve been looking for a cosine law worksheet to help me understand legal studies better.

    Person 2: I see. Have you ever wondered about Arizona’s tax exempt status?

    Person 1: Not really. But I do want to know more about the laws of convex mirror.

    Person 2: Have you ever come across information on law graduate salaries in India?

    Person 1: No, I haven’t. But I’ve been wondering about electronic eavesdropping laws.

    Person 2: Interesting. What about the legal definition of LOA? Have you ever looked into that?

    Person 1: No, but I’ve been trying to understand the affidavit of support requirements for 2023.