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    All praise and adoration belong to Almighty Allah, the creator of creatures, the Lord of the whole world. May His blessings and mercies be upon the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household, companions and the generality of those that hold the banner of Islam tenaciously till the day of mutual loss and gain. Amin.

    The first term of 2021/2022 academic session has ended on a great note of academic, moral and spiritual excellence and the second term 2021/2022 academic session will commence on the 3rd January, 2022 hence, the call for you to note the following:

    1. ACADEMIC WORKS: Parents should ensure adequate monitoring of the packaged academic work given to students/pupils as holiday assignment (all examinations questions). This will enhance and help to retain the past and present works in their memory and also assist them in the next academic works. Also they should be encourage on the use of the appropriate writing skill (handwriting).
    2. SCHOOL FEES: The bill (s) for school fees for the first and second terms 2021/2022 academic session is attached to this newsletter. You are implored to pay the full school fee during the holiday as any child who happens not to have paid on the day of resumption may not be allowed into the school premises. Please note that all payment should be made into:


    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2031930897
    ACCOUNT NAME: Calculus Educational Ventures

    Anyone that makes payments by cash does that at their own risk, as school no longer accepts cash payment. You can only come with your teller.

    1. UNIFORM/DRESS CODE: All students must always dress neatly in their school uniforms with a pair of blue sock and black shoes to match. Students with tattered uniform are advised to pay the sum of N4,500.00 for Primary, N7,000.00 for Junior Secondary Boys and Girls as well as Senior secondary girls while N13,000.00 for Senior Secondary Male students, otherwise such student will not be allowed into the school. The charge for Jumat wear is N6,000.00 for Primary School and N6000 for Secondary School.
    2. LEC and common entrance registration: The LEC and Common Entrance registration for Basic 5 is ongoing and the deadline is 20th December, 2021. The amount is N15000 only.
    3. WAEC and NECO 2022:– This is to notify our dear parents, having child(ren)/learner(s) in SS3 that the charges for 2022 WAEC and NECO cost #60,000. The amount is expected to be paid before the end of December, 2021.
    4. JAMB and Post UTME (2022): Calculus shall prepare and registered the outgoing SS3 for JAMB and Post UTME 2022. Parents are to prepare for the registration through school.
    5. School Madrasah: The school madrasah has now been re-scheduled to hold within the school academic hours against the usual after school madrasah programme. Kindly ensure you buy their Madrasah text books for them.
    6. TEXTBOOKS AND WRITING MATERIALS: There are some parents that refused to purchase some important textbooks and writing materials for their children till date. The concern Parents should get them on or before resumption. For your information School will not accept failure due to lack of textbooks as from 1st week of resumption.

    INFORMATION: You can contact us on the following numbers for more information.

    Head of schools: 08107429145 Principal: 08072733003

    Headmistress: 07036698438 Accountant: 08065731239

    May Almighty Allah grant our heart desires and enrich us in achieving all moral, spiritual and academic goals, Allahuma Amin.

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