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    With the high manifestation of youth unrest in Nigeria, Muslim parents have identified the knowledge of the glorious Qur’an as a tool to shape the lives of youths to be responsible citizens and pious Children.

    To them, giving religious education to youths at an early age is highly influential on individual behavior and future attainment.

    At the first graduation ceremony (Haflah) of Calculus Madrasah, Twenty-two students have completed some sections of the scheme and memorization of the Holy Qur’an to obtain (IBTIDAIYYAH CERTIFICATION). The graduand, upon testing displayed the skills and the bounties God bestowed upon them through the knowledge of the Noble Qur’an and the audience was amazed as the students write in Arabic.

    Cross Section of students that will be graduating from the Madrasah
    Cross Section of students that will be graduating from the Madrasah

    The proprietor (Mudir) of the School, Alhaji Kamaldeen Olanrewaju Jaiyeola, said three years ago that few are those who could perfect the recitation of the Qur’an with the application of Tajweed rules in Yoruba land, but now things have changed and times have passed, several schools of memorization of Quran are now significant and they produce many Quran memorizers.

    “This is an achievement although there are aspects we need to pay attention to, that is the aspect of revision.


    With the revision, a haafidh (memorizer of the Qur’an) will remain a haafidh till death. Verily the prophet has said: get used to the Quran because it goes off the brain faster than a camel takes off its leg from a loose rope.
    He urged The Head of Calculus Schools, The teachers, and parents to ensure that Qur’an memorizers constantly revise what they have learned.
    “It is upon the teachers of the school, its Head of School, and the parents to note this aspect. There are no values for the efforts, the money is sheer wastage if there is no proper planning for a constant revision till it becomes part of the kids.” He noted that Calculus School was founded upon Qur’an and Sunnah and it is now facilitated for senior secondary school both in western education and Arabic and Islamic education.

    One of the graduand’s parent, Alhaji Bello commended the effort of the school for impacting the Islamic knowledge in his son in a short period. He said, since the resumption of his son’s into the school, he has been doing well in both western education and Arabic education. Therefore, he concluded that it is a worthwhile endeavor that is worth extraordinary appreciation. He urged Muslim parents to leverage more on Islamic teachings, Qur’an reading, and memorization to reduce the high rate of youth restiveness in society.

    The Head of Calculus Schools, Mr. S. O Ogunleye said “A child occupied with beneficial knowledge is always useful to the family and society at large, they would be able to justify this dealing with the scriptures. Parents should endeavor within their limited resources to bring their child to the school because it will assist the community and society at large.


    • Oladimeji
      / Reply

      This is great. May Allah crown all your efforts

    • Rasheed Soetan
      / Reply

      This is an awesome achievement, I wish the graduands the best in their journey to the next level of Arabic education.

      This is also another addition to the growth of Calculus Schools.

    • Arc akinbola
      / Reply

      This is commendable. Jaza kumu lahu khayran

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