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    CALCULUS Comprehensive Nursery and Primary school contested among almost 250 schools on Saturday 4th December, 2021 and emerged 3rd in the spelling Bee Competition organised by League of Muslim School Proprietors, Ado Odo Ota, Zone 1.
    Spelling Bee Team of CALCULUS went on external Spelling Bee competition, first of its kind organised by League of Muslim School Proprietors (LEAMPS) and emerged 3rd. The team was led by Miss Ashaolu Rodiat and Miss Adebayo Nofisat. After internal spelling Bee which took place in the school premises well administered by Mrs. M Odumola on Thursday 2nd December, 2021. Speller Firdawz Atairu, the Head Girl of Calculus Comprehensive Nursery and Primary School led the team of her colleagues Ajibade Fathai, Abdulrahman Aishat and Elegbede Sahadat to the Spelling Bee Competition. This is after they have successfully competed among their colleagues in the school. Their outstanding performance made them worthy to represent the school in the external competition held on Saturday 4th December, 2021.

    Although it was fun as the team CALCULUS spellers got there earlier than expected, teachers and spellers were all registered and the program started exactly 11:00am.There were as much as 500 spellers for each category. It was on record that spellers (Ajibade Fathia, Abdulrahman Aishat and Elegbede Sahadat) strived to reach up to sixth rounds i.e when competitors remain 20 out of 500 before they were cutoff and that happened because as they approach next round the words became puzzling and even the pronouncer was confusing them. They did that to determine the winner.
    Calculus students were very much courageous to step on the stage. Also in some stages the 60sec for spelling was reduced to 30sec which also resulted to the disqualification of some spellers. Despite that, 10 years old Atairu Fridaus, the Head Girl of Calculus Comprehensive Nursery and Primary School, Ota, on Saturday 4th December, 2021 emerged as the third best spellers in League of Muslim School Proprietors Spelling Bee Competition in Ogun State.
    Mr. Oladimeji Shola Ogunleye, Head of Schools, CALCULUS Comprehensive schools said that the competition was aimed at developing the innate skills of pupils. He also said that the competition will surely fulfill the ultimate goal of creating healthy rivalry amongst pupils as well as drawing out their intellectual capabilities.
    The idea of spelling competition, conceived by the LEAMSP in 2021 is to encourage academic excellence. The competition will help pupils to improve their spelling skills, increase vocabulary and develop correct English usage he said.
    According to him, it is also creating good reading habits that will lead to better academic performance and boost the confidence of participants. This is with a view to preparing the pupils for future endeavours and igniting the spirit of competition among them.
    Some of the spellers who spoke commended the League of Muslim school Proprietors for introducing the competition.

    Speller Fridaus said that she studied the dictionary very well in order to emerge the 3rd place.
    “I am very happy and excited, I always read my dictionary and I thank Almighty Allah for always there for me. I strongly believe that next spelling Bee competition I will emerge as winner.” Fridaus asserted.


    • Rafiu Musa
      / Reply

      This is a threshold and outstanding performance from our the speller and the school at large. May Almighty Allah continue to move the school greater heights

    • / Reply

      Impressive…God bless the school more and also the children as a whole

    • Asoore Ni'motullah
      / Reply

      Barakallahu fih fridawz, more knowledge and understanding insha Allah And kudos to the staff too, I pray May Allah guide and increase your knowledge and May he (Allah) continue to bless calculus entirely. Dear teachers keep it up , The best is yet to come

    • Tajudeen Muhammadul Awwal
      / Reply

      I congratulate Calculus School teachers, management and the spellers.
      It’s an indication that you will do better and best very soon. Please, motivate the teacher(s)

      Please note. Your uniform is very nice and can promote you more. I would suggest that your students be using black shoes.

    • O. S. Ogunleye
      / Reply

      This is amazing. Keep the ball rolling

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